Track and Trace made easy and affordable with the combination of our easy to use website and Data Stream GPS device.


RI-CON 1.0

Self Service Offers an Upgrade to Traditional Track and Trace Choices in the GPS Industry

  • Bing® or Google® Maps
  • Location History
  • Data Stream GPS Device
  • Track and Monitor Devices 24/7/365
  • 3 Years of Airtime and Warranty
  • International Coverage

RI-CON 2.0

Full Service Includes the Benefits of RI-CON 1.0 with Innovative Management Solutions

Privacy Firewall

Reduce Liability of Privacy Mandates, Insuring Third Party Insulation Between You and Your Customer

RI-CON 2.0 provides a privacy Firewall between the dealer and their customers. The dealer contacts Star Sensor if they need repossession. Star Sensor then locates the vehicle and contacts the dealer’s repossession agent for recovery.
Jim Schumacher - VP of Direct Sales

Privacy Firewall benefits include traditional risk control services and in addition, our full service asset management permits you to shield your company from possible privacy issues resulting from new legislation.

In the face of impending regulatory privacy mandates, the future of profitable Buy Here Pay Here business is threatened. By forcing you to use specific repossession agencies and prohibiting dealer use of starter disable technology, these new Senate and Assembly bills will limit your ability to protect your assets in an effort to protect consumer confidentiality.

For example, ABC Used Cars uses GPS trackers to trace and regain control over property that is in default and qualifying for repossession. With looming privacy mandates, ABC Dealerships' hands are tied and recovery chances are slim at best. By using the service of RI-CON’s Privacy Firewall, the asset in question can be located by our third party service and that location information can be confidentially forwarded to a state or dealer approved repo agent protecting consumer privacy and dealer profitability.

Privacy Firewall acts as a safeguard against the effects of these bills by allowing you to register your repo agent through our web portal to activate a secure information firewall, protecting your business from potential privacy misuse while offering access to our full service benefits as a preferred partner with the National Recovery Reposition Alliance.

Managed Services

Enforce Rental Standards by Monitoring Resource Activity

Managed Services is a full service Rental Asset Protection Solution, says Paul Lane, VP for Business Development. Our services not only provide increased revenue and contract enforcement, we also set up the account and monitor it for you based on customized parameters, notifying you when an unauthorized use is in effect. Add in RICON's Patented Assisted Recovery program, where we locate your asset and if requested, connect you with a recovery partner, RICON 2.0 Managed Services is truly your asset protection expert.

Managed Services enables a busy rental office to focus on their business by leveraging years of expertise in providing customized location services. The ability for the rental company to reduce time and resources required to deploy and self-manage traditional GPS Tracking systems sets Ri-Con 2.0 apart from competition.

Aside from accidents, Aaron Smith, General Manager of Airport Car Rental, has two major concerns when a vehicle leaves his lot; overdue or misplaced returns and rentals that exceed the geographical area described in the rental agreement.

For instance, during his 12 years in business, Aaron has witnessed a reduction in revenue from the loss of hundreds, maybe thousands, of rental days regarding these two issues. Additional loss of repeat business from disappointed customers whose rentals are not available magnifies the immediate need to find a simple, cost effective solution to help manage these areas to make certain of maximum profits.

Aaron finds the perfect solution to his concerns with RI-CON 2.0 Managed Services platform by Star Sensor Technology. Managed Services is a simple, "hands-off" approach for rental companies and their customers because it does not require the agency to become an expert in location technology software. RI-CON 2.0 collects data and manages the course of action to achieve success and increased profitability.

RI-CON 2.0 Managed Services uses an installed GPS location device to easily map a vehicles’ current locality ensuring recoveries are handled as quickly as possible, saving hours or days of delays. One call to our call center for the location data and RI-CON 2.0 employs the Patent Pending Assisted Recovery program to connect the customer with a national repossession agency to recover the asset.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Enhance Retrieval with Full Service Device Supervision and Recovery Partnership

Stolen vehicle recovery enhanced through the latest GPS technology aids in reducing retrieval time thereby reducing potential damage to your car. Simple SET IT AND FOR GET IT configurations through our web site distinguish our service versus the antiquated systems offered by competitors. says Tony Rangel, CEO of Star Sensor Technology.

RI-CON 2.0 Stolen Vehicle Recovery offers:

  • • Authorized and non authorized movement notifications
  • • Driving behavior monitored 24/7
  • • Integration into existing security system
  • • Mobile phone compatibility

Designed as a superior product, RICON 2.0 utilizes the latest technology previously reserved for government purposes; Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) offers a broad menu of features and national coverage in comparison to leading recovery options.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery has addressed two challenges facing new car dealerships: their ability to increase revenue through their F&I Department and to ensure positive Customer Service Index (CSI) scores.

If you are in the business of selling new cars, you are familiar with the erosion of the existing brand most associated with “traditional” SVR providers. The superior technology of RI-CON 2.0 and advancements in the control of system activation boosts confidence in your F&I department to market and sell SVR.

The Dealer Management portal is a simple 3 step activation process that ensures your direct control of your customer’s satisfaction. A typical sale of traditional SVR involves a third party to activate the customer account. The loss of control upon transferring the information from the dealer to the customer increases possible customer dissatisfaction if the activation process takes longer than expected or if the third party losses sight of the process. RI-CON 2.0 collects data and manages the course of action to achieve success and increased profitability by allowing the end user to have more timely and accurate location information for increased recovery success.

Device Registry

One-Stop Search and Track for Multi-Provider Users

The patent-pending Device Registry is designed as a search engine to quickly and easily find and track an entire list of devices, even those not serviced by Star Sensor Technology. SST has designed this customer centric feature using the latest advancements in technology; the Device Registry improves customer interaction and experience and continues to set us apart from our competitors. - Tony Rangel

Antonio uses tracking devices from RI-CON, Superstar & Info GPS. Today he has to visit three different web sites to maintain his account. By being a current Ri-Con customer, he can subscribe to the patent pending Device Registry provided by Star Sensor Technology's RI-CON 2.0, enabling him to manage all his devices from one portal.

To funnel all his existing devices to one viewing window, Antonio can easily subscribe to the Device Registry and follow three simple steps.

      1. Enter Device ID Information
      2. Group by Provider using Website Name
      3. Search & Track

Once the initial set up is complete, Antonio will log into his RI-CON 2.0 site with an option to search all the devices he owns. By typing the device ID information into the search window, that specific unit will come up on the computer screen and link to the non Ri-Con GPS service providers tracking site saving the time and confusion of switching between sites to locate different vehicles.

One-stop Search & Track, similar to a retail super store, is a definite benefit for today's business owner reducing the time to manage multiple brands in one straightforward application.

Payment Master

Improve Timely Collection of Payments

Our new RI-CON 2.0 Payment Master is an automated payment reminder system that allows SST users to automate their collection process upfront. After initial client setup, the Payment Master can email and/or text payment reminder messages to their customers. In addition, the Payment Master can also be programmed to automatically trigger audible and visual indicators in the customer vehicle along with disablement if necessary.
- Jim Schumacher

Jack Brand relies on his collections department to manage his high-risk loans through constant customer interaction to ensure timely loan payments. While this practice is common, it may generate increased operational expenses through increased employee headcount and repossession costs.

With Payment Master, offered by RI-CON 2.0, he can ultimately reduce the time and money spent in collecting late payments and the recovery process. After the installation of the Data Stream GPS, Jack can choose the Payment Master system as part of his tailored set of services providing him with the ability to remind his customers of their payment status.

After Jack has chosen his terms, the Payment Master will monitor and send text or email notifications to the consumer in our stand alone system. This basic system can be enhanced with audible or visual indicators in the vehicle triggered by the self-defined escalation process. Jack is able to integrate the entire Payment Master functions with his existing Dealer Management System (DMS).